Waiting For A Tax Repayment From HMRC

If you're waiting for a repayment of overpaid Corporation Tax and this is causing you cash flow problems you should contact your Corporation Tax Office to discuss this.

We are a specialist company and business advice service specialising in assisting businesses with tax problems. If your business is under pressure from the HMRC to pay Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC or VAT we can assist you. We specialise in the follow:

  • Corporation Tax debt
  • PAYE tax bill payment problems
  • National insurance NIC
  • VAT tax debt
  • Historical Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC or VAT debt advice.
  • Time to Pay Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC or VAT deals
  • Advice on legal proceeding regarding tax debts.
  • Business viability reviews
  • Assessment of tax debt liabilities
  • Help with tax problems

We don't help our clients plan to pay tax, we help our clients plan how to mitigate their tax liabilities. Like all planning, early involvement is a hallmark of a successful outcome.

SMEs, businesses and companies in the UK are increasingly falling prey to corporation tax debt and are turning to our advice teams for assistance .We offer a range of solutions tailored to the tax needs of small business and companies. Contact us online using our online tax enquiry form or alternatively call us today.