HMRC country court judgement (CCJ) Advice

Our advice team offer help and advice to company directors who need to know what options there are available when a company has received CCJs from the HMRC relating to unpaid company tax. Please call us for advice or apply online for advice on HMRC tax CCJs.

Someone a company owes money to (known as a 'creditor') can take a county court action against a company to claim the money via the courts

We can assist companies in need of advice on HMRC CCJs and provide plans and solutions on what options are available to a company that has received CCJs from HMRC. We advise on the following:

  • Company CCJS
  • How might a company receive CCJs
  • What will dealings with CCJs involve
  • How to deal with CCJS from HMRC
  • What effect will CCJS from HMRC have on a company

If a company cannot avoid insolvency, it will need to consider how to deal with it. There are several options for limited companies.

  • Cost reduction schemes for assistance for companies with tax problems
  • Capital restructuring options for assistance with tax debts
  • Concentration on profitable products to increase sales to pay back tax arrears
  • Consultancy on the disposal of part of the business as part of the entire HMRC tax debt advice process.
  • Improvement of financial controls to alleviate HMRC tax problems
  • Advice on turnaround, formal and informal arrangements if the HMRC are threatening CCJs
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) advice for firms where the HMRC is threatening county court proceedings
  • Company Administration and tax payment plans for insolvency companies
  • Exploring company administrative receivership option to help with tax problems
  • Company liquidation advice to help with tax arrears for limited companies.

Working with you, your financial and tax advisors and key staff, we will ensure you will have the optimum of HMRC tax advice to do what you do best.. run un your business and avoid becoming insolvency due to HMRC tax arrears and CCJs. Please call us for advice or apply online for advice on HMRC tax CCJs.