Tax Payment Plans

Tax Payment Plans for Limited Companies

If you are a company worried about not being able to meet tax, National Insurance, VAT or other payments owed to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), or you anticipate that payments coming due will cause you problems, you can call us for advice or apply online for tax payment plans for limited companies.

  • Our advice team can advice on how a tax payment plan offers a way for a limited company to pay its tax liabilities by making regular payments towards your future tax bill
  • We are able to organise Payment arrangements which will be an alternative to winding up a perfectly profitable company.
  • We work with accountants to provide advice on setting up an HMRC tax payment plan is an easy way to pay taxes when a downturn in trade causes financial problems.
  • We can be available at face to face meetings with the HMRC to discuss tax payment plans on unaffordable tax bills that have led to a historic or new company tax liability.
  • In the UK tax payment plans can prevent company directors becoming personally liable for company tax debts.

We assist limited companies by negotiating directly with HMRC to agree affordable company tax payment plans to avoid insolvency scenarios such as:

  • Failure to repay tax debts owed to HMRC ultimately end up in a 'winding up petition' on a company
  • A company tax bill leading to the legal proceedings such as a CCJ on the company.

Our advice team will review your circumstances and discuss the options and tax payment plans tailored to your business needs, such as arranging for you to make payments over a longer period. You can call us for advice or apply online for tax payment plans for limited companies.