VAT Tax Problems

Advice on Company VAT Tax Problems

Many companies in the UK experience VAT tax problems. Our approach is designed to help each of our clients deal with VAT tax problems early and resolve issues before legal action is threatened. We evaluate and analyse our client's entire business situation and make informed recommendations that enable them to rescue their business. You can call us for advice or apply online for advice on VAT tax problems.

In the UK VAT tax is a form of consumption tax. From the perspective of the buyer, it is a tax on the purchase price. Value Added Tax, or VAT, is levied on top of the cost of a product or service and generates revenue for a government

Advice to companies with VAT tax problems

  • Advice to limited companies who have got in to debt because they recover VAT on purchases.
  • Guidance on VAT collection practices and systems
  • Consultancy on all VAT tax problems that may be either new, ongoing or historic.
  • Advice to limited companies on tax problems and VAT Arrears incurred from trading.
  • Assistance to company directors in the non payment of VAT tax
  • Face to face consultations for company directors to can't pay VAT due.
  • Advice on informing HHRC on all VAT payments
  • Help to SME businesses with tax problems
  • Procedural advice for companies in arrears of VAT

Insolvency and company rescue options for limited companies

  • Where a company has failed to pay VAT tax is company insolvency may be unavoidable.
  • We provide advice and guidance on VAT tax legislation
  • The non payment of VAT tax debts could end in company liquidation
  • cash flow problems can be avoided via pre pack administration
  • Help and support and effective solutions in avoiding problems that normally might arise due to non payment of VAT.
  • free advice for small businesses on company insolvency options
  • Advice on dealing with tax arrears
  • Guidance on closing a company due to tax debts
  • Assistance on liquidating a company due to VAT Arrears
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) support for companies finding it difficult or impossible to pay their tax debts

We provide business consulting services such as business VAT tax plan development, assistance in preparing VAT payment proposals, as well as other assistance in running a business. You can call us for advice or apply online for advice on VAT tax problems.