Administration Advice for Limited Companies

In the UK if a company is under extreme pressure a company administration order is a very powerful tool under company insolvency law. It is possible for the company and its directors to apply to the court to put the company into administration in order to formulate a plan to save a business. To discuss the company insolvency procedure called an administration please call us today or apply online. We provide the

  • Advice on how an administration order can protect a company and its assets from a winding up petition
  • Full details of the pre-pack administration process.
  • Guidance through the pre-packaged administration sale process
  • Face to face consultations on what a administration pre-pack arrangement can do to guarantee the longevity of a going concern company.
  • Full legal support from Licenced Insolvency Practitioners on the administration process for insolvency limited companies.
  • Advice, support and detailed advice on cases where a company is insolvent but feels the core business can continue.
  • Advice and guidance on the company administration process and the moratorium around the company that stops all legal actions.
  • Support from experienced legal and insolvency specialists on how company administration can be a useful tool for company rescue purposes
  • Legal opinions as to whether a company should use a company voluntary arrangement instead of a administration order.
  • Guidance on administration advantages or disadvantages
  • Advice and support on when it is advisable to place the company in administration rather than use other insolvency procedures such liquidation or winding up.

We provide detailed advice on how a company entering into administration can get the breathing space to continue with its core business activities and avoid ultimate business failure. For information on company administration and how it can assist in the rescue of a business please call us TODAY or apply for advice online