Advice To Directors

Advice to Company Directors in the UK

We provide company director advice to company directors seeking information on insolvency and tax situations that require urgent attention. If you are a company director seeking advice please call us today or apply online

The position of a Director or owner manager is isolating and can be a lonely experience. We have experienced both good and hard times in business. So whatever you are going through, we have probably experienced it either first hand or through our clients.

  • A guide to the Directors Disqulification Act (CDDA) and what the DTI look for when deciding on an unfit director.
  • Tax Advice For company directors seeking debt and insolvency advice.
  • Advice on director disqualification
  • Guidance on how to avert wrongful trading actions for company directors
  • Advice to directors on acting properly in insolvency scenarios.

We have considerable experience in providing timely, practical advice to directors of financially troubled companies. If you are a company director and require advice please call us today or apply online for advice.