Company Insolvency

Company Insolvency Advice and Solutions

If your business or limited company is considering company insolvency we will explain all the company insolvency options and then choose the one that suits you. Please call us today or apply online

  • Advice to individuals and business owed money by a company in liquidation
  • Guidance on redundancy & insolvency
  • Information on the insolvency profession & legislation
  • Information on how about insolvency practitioners (IPs) can save or rescue business
  • Information for company directors considering placing a company into liquidation or any other insolvency proceeding
  • We recommend taking professional advice, eg. From a solicitor or insolvency practitioner, before going ahead with any of these proceeding
  • We can carry out investigations and insolvency test to see if a company is insolvent or just needs turnaround advice.
  • Guidance to company directors who are unsure whether their company is insolvent
  • Advice on company Administration, company trading out plans, company time to pay VAT & PAYE programmes, company receivership, company voluntary liquidation, company compulsory liquidation, company voluntary dissolution procedures
  • Help for SMEs looking for company refinance via factoring or invoice discounting
  • Confidential and non-judgmental consultation to determine whether formal insolvency procedures would be of any merit.
  • Guidance to SME companies who cannot pay its company debts
  • Advice from accountants on the balance sheet and liquidity tests to ascertain whether a company is insolvent
  • Advice and support on all Insolvency options should there be a creditor wanting to petition to wind up the company.
  • Advice on a going concern trade sale or acquisition of the company by a newco or third party