How To Deal With Legal Action

How to deal with a legal action against a company

We provide advice and guidance on how to combat company debt problems, how to deal with insolvency, dealing with angry creditors and advice on fighting legal action. If your business needs advice on how to deal with legal action please call us today or apply for advice online.

In the UK there are many ways to deal with pending company insolvency issues. Company directors under UK company and insolvency legislation have a legal obligation called a "duty of care" to take action if insolvency becomes apparent. We can offer the following advice and solutions:

Legal Action - If a creditor or supplier wants to take legal action against a SME the director or business owner should seek legal advice from a solicitor.

  • The first rule in dealing with legal action is to avoid it. We always advise asking a legal adviser to check any legal or court documents before formally responding
  • Legal threats may just be "threats" and often come to nothing. Please gather all paperwork on legal matters and make efforts to calm the situation. It is always best fight fire with water...its far cheaper in the long run.
  • Advice on legal action from licenced insolvency practitioners
  • We are able to provide legal and insolvency advice to business and companies of all sizes.
  • We can help SME businesses and companies of all sizes deal with creditor pressure.
  • Our first choice is always to avert legal action by considering the of or more of the many legal insolvency or legal turnaround procedures available.
  • We offer detailed advice on dealing with creditors legal actions that threaten the business continuing
  • If your company has been served legal papers such as statutory demand or winding up petition please call us ASAO
  • We can access comprehensive legal advice from solicitors and barristers

If you are a company director or business owner we suggest you contact us immediately so we can formulate a plan of action on how to deal with legal action a company may be facing. Call us today or apply online for help on how to deal with legal action. The next course of action will depend upon the type of tax debt problems incurred.