VAT Inspections By HM Revenue And Customs

If you business or company is contacted with regards to a VAT (Value Added Tax) inspection by HM Revenue and Customs please contact us ASAP. Please not that VAT inspections are normal for all VAT registered businesses. A business should always be represented at VAT inspections.

Each visit will take from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the business. This guide explains why VAT visits are necessary, how they are arranged and what happens during a visit. It also explains what you need to do to prepare for a visit and what happens afterwards.

Advice on VAT Inspections By HM Revenue And Customs

  • VAT inspection is nothing to be overly worried about
  • Most VAT inspections will take place at a meeting at your company's office
  • VAT fraud
  • VAT
  • Notice of Inspection
  • Preparing for a VAT Inspection
  • HMRC VAT inspection

How you van assist in VAT Inspections By HM Revenue And Customs

During the visit, please help the VAT officer understand your business and records and co-operate fully with them. If you refuse to show the VAT officer the records they want to see they can use legal powers to obtain records relevant to the area they're dealing with. If you want further explanation, you should contact the officer's manager. The officer will provide their manager's contact details if you ask for them.

  • Keep your records, accounts and payments up to date
  • Contact HMRC whenever there's anything you're unsure about
  • Provide HMRC with the information they request within the specified time