Company VAT Tax Debt Problems

Is your business under pressure from the Tax Man for unpaid Tax Bills? If so please contact us for information and advice for Individuals and Companies that have Direct Tax Liabilities with the HMRC. Is a new or historic tax bill affecting businesses or have Legal proceedings been issued against you or your company for an unpaid Tax bill.... If so we can help, our service provides:

  • VAT Tax Advice
  • Advice on Tax Debts and disputed UK income tax debt problems
  • Tax debt loopholes for registered tax payers, subject to the agreement of the HMRC
  • HMRC Tax Problem advice and assistance.
  • HMRC Tax Debt system audits
  • VAT Tax Debt arrangements
  • NIC advice
  • Advice on repaying income tax
  • Consultancy on tax debt investigations.

Does your business need assistance with tax arrears, if so please call us or enquire online for help with Tax Debt. We Offer Expert Help To Companies and can Help with tax problems.

Do you owe the HMRC money? We Can Help Now

  • Tax Debt Advice
  • Experts in dealing with Tax issues.
  • VAT Tax Advice
  • Advice and representation at VAT Inspections by HM Revenue and Customs
  • Consultation on all tax arrears
  • Tax Debt advice
  • Advice on dealing with VAT Arrears
  • Help with business or company tax problems
  • General assistance with PAYE tax and VAT arrears
  • Guidance on making achievable tax payment plans

We help all business with PAYE, Self Assessment, corporation Tax, VAT, NIC, and Capital Gains Tax. When dealing with any query or negotiation, whether in writing, over the phone or in person, remember the following tips:

  1. Prepare in advance
  2. Make a note of the relevant facts
  3. Collect all available evidence
  4. Have a clear idea of what outcome you want
  5. Make a record of who you speak to and what is said
  6. Try to stay calm
  7. Say thank you if your contact was helpful and mention any helpful advice you get in any letters you write
  8. Be persistent
  9. Ask about any appeal process.

Please note that if negotiations fail then we can assist with the following:

  • help with administration orders
  • help with tax problems
  • help with tax arrears
  • help with tax debts
  • Guidance with winding up petitions
  • Advice on HMRC enforcement options
  • Representation at HMRC tax visits
  • Representation a VAT debt tax visits
  • Repaying Income Tax Debt Liability
  • Tax solutions and advice

We provide tax solutions and advice to businesses that have tax debts or tax problems. Contact our specialist tax team for a free consultation for help with tax problems. We can help you with HMRC Tax Debts.