About Tax Helpline

We are a specialist advice service with UK national reach that provide specialist advice to limited companies of all sizes with tax debt or tax arrears to HM Revenue and Customs

Tax Helpline Online

Visit www.tax-helpline.co.uk for practical, reliable tax information for limited companies. The tax information is continually reviewed by our team of advisers and covers the law in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Tax Helpline By phone

Advice by phone is available from the Tax Helpline national phone service.

Face to face tax advice at our offices or yours

We offer confidential and non-judgmental advice to limited companies of all sizes and industry sector on tax debt arrears and tax related problems. Our advice helps companies resolve their problems with HM Revenue and Customs. Everyone is offered a face to face advice session with an company tax expert, who will identify the most appropriate way for us to give your company the help that is needed. If we cannot help you we will direct you to a different organisation that is better placed to help you.