Corporation Tax

Introduction to Corporation Tax - Corporation Tax for new companies and organisations

Corporation Tax is a tax on the taxable profits of limited companies and other organisations including clubs, societies, associations and other unincorporated bodies. This guide gives you a basic overview of Corporation Tax. It tells you what Corporation Tax is, who's liable and what you must do and when if you are subject to Corporation Tax requirements. It outlines how the tax is calculated and what the tax rates are. We provide advice on the following:

  • Corporation Tax for beginners
  • Corporation Tax deadlines
  • Corporation Tax requirements
  • Corporation Tax rates
  • Corporation Tax accounting periods
  • Corporation Tax taxable profit

Who's liable for Corporation Tax

  • Starting a company or organisation
  • What you must do and when
  • Manage cash flow to pay on time

Deadlines and requirements for Corporation Tax

  • When to: tell HMRC a company or organisation is liable
  • Paying corporation tax
  • Advice on filing a company tax return corporation tax

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